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Langsuir are Malaysian vampires; the wrathful spirits of women who died giving birth. The trauma of delivering a still-born child may also allegedly transform women into Langsuir. There are different versions of the Langsuir’s origins and how she manifests. According to one myth, Langsuir rise from the grave forty days following death, hungering for blood. The Langsuir roams about, searching for victims, her first choice is infants; however she is a threat to all. The Langsuir has a hole in the back of her neck with which she feeds on blood. (Unlike Hollywood vampires, she doesn’t sprout huge teeth and suck with her mouth.)

The Langsuir can be rehabilitated and allegedly, despite forty days in the grave, many are very beautiful: if you cut off her hair and stuff it into the hole in her neck, the Langsuir is allegedly transformed into a docile, obedient creature. Legends tell of tamed Langsuir who have married and gone on to live normal lives. However, they must be kept very serene and sedate, virtually tranquilized. Dancing, high spirits, any kind of enhanced emotion may cause her to revert to her vampiric Langsuir nature.


The Langsuir has long hair with which she hides the hole in her neck. She may manifest or travel in the form of an owl. Modern descriptions of sightings of the Langsuir often correspond to standard East Asian ghost women who wander in filmy white shroud-like garments.

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