Astral Vampires

An astral vampire is a spirit form of a VAMPIRE;also, a magically created vampire. In occult lore, the astral vampire is the spirit shape of a LIVING VAMPIRE, such as certain witches or sorcerers who have the ability to project themselves out of body to attack their victims at a distance.

Astral vampires—a type of Thoughtform—can be created through magical procedures for Psychic Attack.

Vampire researcher VINCENT HILLYER theorized that an astral form also might be the “real” vampire in cases of the restless dead. Hillyer said the astral vampire, the spirit essence of the dead person, might be able to project itself out from the CORPSE, feed on the living, and then return to the corpse to sustain it. He developed a theory called the “hemolytic factor” to explain how an astral form can draw off the Blood of a living person. The theory rests on the process of hemolysis, which is the destruction of red corpuscles that occurs with the release of hemoglobin into surrounding fluids. Hemolysis is caused by hemolysin, a substance in the blood serum that causes destruction of the red corpuscles. This effect is sometimes produced when red corpuscles from a different blood group are injected into the blood.

According to the hemolytic factor theory, the vampire’s astral body penetrates the victim’s aura and physical body. The vampire, which is in great need of blood, has sparse red corpuscles and can be considered the “wrong blood group.” Hemolysis occurs, and the vampire sucks up the red corpuscles released in the victim’s blood. These are transported back to the grave and infused into the corpse.


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